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We might call ourselves a podcast, but there's more to us than just the audio. This is a movement and a community of unapologetic Black women who are dedicated to personal growth and healing together. Come sit with us and take a moment to elevate your everyday being, Sis. 

Welcome to Zen & Cocoa

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Zen & Cocoa Podcast is a weekly conversation on self care, wellness, and self love -- offering an authentic inquiry into what it takes to really thrive as a Black woman in today's digital era.

Podcast host Tameko explores the art of intentional self care by sharing practical and educational tips along with honest beauty and wellness reviews.

Zen & Cocoa also centers the perspectives and experiences of super dope Black women through candid conversations about everything from beauty routines, season must haves, personal growth, the power of sisterhood, ways we get back to the "Zen" and more...

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