Hey Ya'll!

I'm Tameko Rowe-Holmes, creator of Cocoa Butter Mothers and host of the Zen and Cocoa Podcast. I launched Cocoa Butter Mothers in 2015 as a junior herbalist excited to share my custom recipes for natural herb infused skincare with the world. I've spent the years since deepening my craft and broadening my knowledge to best support myself and my community. I double certified as a holistic postpartum doula in 2016 and started Amethyst and Ether with the Homegirl Healer, Reshena Johnson in 2017. These roles have served to deeply satisfy my lifelong pursuit of wellness support and advocacy for Black women and mothers.

Zen & Cocoa is born from that same passion to connect with and serve my sisters with relatable and accessible wellness content and resources. Zen and Cocoa is for me. It's also for you, girl! It's for us! I thank you for being here with me and for working to build a premier virtual community for millennial Black women to thrive.

Enjoy the show

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